A designer is not only a designer; He is a creative entity that has a vision which others don’t see without guidance. A normal person would see a tree and say, hey! It’s a tree. A creative person will go and hug the tree, see the colors, the contrast, the hues, the saturation, the negative space around the tree and will even hold the squirrel that had the bad luck of popping out of the tree to have his morning acorn lunch, and the creative entity will hold it by the tail and fully try to understand what is what and why is why.
The company was  Mehran Ali in 2012. Cre8ivo Studio, LLC is a family owned dynamic IT company built on strong ethical values. Cre8ivo Studio was established to bring together a group of IT professional from a diversified background including web developing and graphic design to serve clients with design needs globally. What sets us apart from our competition is our capabilities and dedicated team of professionals.

Other websites and design houses will not offer you what we do, a one to one customer-designer interaction because we do not believe in outsourcing work to other design studios. Our talented and experienced team of professionals complete every bit of your work in house, which helps us ensure that quality is never compromised. You will never be disappointed in our work because we take pride in what we create.

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